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  (Mr. Green, representative of a European import firm, is on a visit to China. He arrived in Guangzhou a few days ago and has been attending the Guangzhou Fair. He has been instructed by his head office to get into contact with Miss Weng of Chinese Trading Corporation, Guangzhou Branch, to talk over a claim case. Miss Weng is handling the case on behalf of her Shanghai Branch. )

  (A: Miss Weng; B: Mr. Green)

  A: Good afternoon, Mr. Green. I'm told that you've been waiting here for me for quite some time. Sorry to keep you waiting. A talk with an importer from Europe prevented me from coming here.

  B: It doesn' t matter, Miss Weng. I know you are always very busy.

  A: Is there anything urgent?

  B: Well, things are like these. I've just received a telex from my home office, that the goods shipped in March by S. S. Victoria under Order No. 1043 have arrived at Alexandria. But, to our great surprise, they are not in proper condition.

  A: Yes, really? What's the trouble then?

  B: Quite a number of cartons were badly damaged. Many of the Men's Shirts were water-stained and the majority of the others were severely soiled.

  A: Where are the goods now?

  B: The goods have been unloaded into the carrier's house. As they are in such a damaged condition, we doubt we will be able to take delivery.

  A: Do you know the percentage of the damaged portion?

  B: Not exactly. The goods are now under inspection.

  A: That's good. We should require a survey report, with that we may know the extent of the damage.

  B: My people say that they would send you some shirts drawn at random from the shipment so that you can see yourselves the damaged condition and the reason why they are unsaleable.

  A: We should make it clear whether the damage was caused in transit or during the unloading process, or by other reasons.

  B: I hope it isn't due to the improper packing. As you know, if that being the 沈阳哪里能治癫痫病case, you will be held liable for the loss sustained.

  A: No, it's impossible. The goods were carefully packed and shipped here in excellent condition. I inspected them myself.

  B: Then the damage must be caused at somewhere along the line where the goods weren't handled properly.

  A: If so, the insurance company or the shipping company should be held responsible and as you know, the claim concerning insurance or transportation should be referred to the insurance company or the shipping company.

  B: I know. But so far we haven't got the detailed information yet.

  A: So, we have to wait for the surveyor's report and at the same time, we have to check the documents carefully. Only after receiving the detailed report, can we work out the way to handle the problem. What do you say?

  B: I agree with you. I think it won't be long before we get the information. I'll advise you the result upon the conclusion of the investigation.

  A: That's fine.

  Dialogue B

  A: Hello, Mr. Green. Have you received the surveyor's report?

  B: Yes, Miss Weng. Today I have brought it with me together with the relevant shipping documents. We can have a detailed discussion on this matter and have a careful check over the relevant documents.

  A: That's good. I'm sure we can settle the problem amicably through negotiations without resorting to arbitration.

  B: I think so too.

  A: Now let's sit down and have a look at the surveyor's report first.

  B: Yes. Here you are.

  A: Thanks… (reading the surveyor's report), Oh yes, through a thorough examination and a careful inspection, twenty-four cartons of goods have been found seriously damaged. Inside these damaged cartons, the majority of the Men's Shirts contained have been water-stained or severely soiled… Oh, what a great loss!

  B: Indeed, it is. According to the description of the letter I received from my home office, that portion of shirts are unsaleable. They are simply useless.

  A: I trust so. It ap济宁羊羔疯小发作治疗pears that the damage was caused sometime during the transhipment.

  B: We haven't been able to pinpoint just what happened yet, but we are faced with the problem that part of the consignment is unacceptable.

  A: It's understandable. That part should be compensated. The shipping company should be liable for their rough handling.

  B: One more point, Miss Weng. The surveyor's report indicates that the problem was caused by inadequate wrapping which allowed the packages to work open during the unloading or loading process.

  A: But as what I said several days ago, the goods were carefully packed and shipped here in excellent condition and I inspected them myself.

  B: That might be true. But the packing in some of the cartons was not in ccordance with the contract stipulations. According to the contract, each of the cartons should be reinforced with double metal straps. We are sorry you have failed to do so, at least, part of the cartons were not reinforced with the said straps.

  A: That seems hard to believe. How can that be?

  B: If you don't believe, please look at the Surveyor's Report.

  A: Perhaps, one of the workshops forgot to do the reinforce work. They must have taken it for granted that the goods were packed for the Hongkong buyers.

  B: That might be.

  A: All right. If so, we agree to settle your claims. But that should be after a negotiation with the shipping company, OK?

  B: OK. But what are we to do with that part of goods damaged?Shall we return them to you, or hold them at your disposal?

  A: I'll give you a definite answer after I consult with the manufacturers.

  W: Hello, Mr. Brown, how are you? It is nice to see you again.

  B: How are you, Mrs. Wang. It certainly is a pleasure to see you again here. I hope you had an enjoyable trip from London.

  W: The flight was really long, but it was comfortable so I do not feel very tired.

  B: I am glad that you had a pleasant trip. I hope you are comfortably settled and find things a老年癫痫病治疗费用t the hotel satisfactory.

  W: Everything is perfect, thank you. Well, now, Mr. Brown, if you don't mind, I'll get to the point.

  B: Okay. You want to take up the subject of the arbutus, don't you?

  W: That's right. You see, Mr. Brown, you have probably been ad- vised of the serious damage done to the last consignment of 60 cases of arbutus. Upon its arrival in London on board the S.S. Cornea, it was found, much to our regret, that about 50% of the cases were leaking. Closer inspection by the Health Officers showed that the contents were considered unfit for human consumption.

  —— 布朗先生,你好。很高兴再次见到你。

  —— 王小姐,你好。很荣幸在这里又见到你。希望你从伦敦来一路 旅途愉快。

  —— 飞行时间虽长,但客机非常舒适,所以也不觉得很累。

  —— 我很高兴你旅途愉快。希望你住得舒适,旅馆设备都还觉得满意。

  —— 谢谢你,一切都很好。噢,布朗先生,要是你不介意的话,现在咱 们就开始谈谈业务吧。

  —— 好,你想谈谈杨梅的事,对不对?

  —— 对。布朗先生,也许你已经知道最后一批60箱的杨梅严重损坏的 情况。“柯娜”轮一到达伦敦的时候,我们就遗憾地发现其中有一 半左右的箱子渗漏。经卫生检疫局官员仔细检查,认为 内装食品 不可供人们食用。

  B: Just a minute, if you please, Mrs.Wang. Have your people in London discovered what were the exact causes of the leakage? It was rather a singular case, for thousands of tons of this product have been exported and this seems to be the only case of a

  shipment being damaged en route.

  W: I am sorry I have to say it was not en route. It was definitely damaged prior to loading onto the S.S. Cornea. You may think it a singular case, yet the fact remains that this has made it

  necessary for us to file a claim on you. Here, Mr. Brown, I have brought along with me the certificate issued by the London Health Office. It speaks for itself. As to the causes, closer inspection and examination by our cargo-handling people revealed that the

  leakage of juice was brought about damaged tins. They were

  evidently broken through careless handling while being loaded onto the ship's hold in Sydney dock.

  B: As I have said before, the whole business is most unfortunate. We have never come across such a case of damage during loading.

  —— 王小姐,请稍等。请问伦敦的人有没有发现渗漏的确切原因?这件 事还癫痫病能不能够治愈只这么一次,我们已经出口好几千吨了,在中途损坏还是头一 回。

  —— 很抱歉,我得说明,损坏不是在运输途中发生的。很明显, 损坏是 在装上“柯娜”轮号前发生的。你可能认为这事是头一回,可事实 不得不让我们向你们提出索赔。布朗先生,这儿是伦敦卫生检疫局 官员签发的证书,上面写得一清二楚。至于原因,我们经办装卸的 人仔细检查,结果发现果汁渗漏的原因是锡罐被损坏了。很明显是 在悉尼码头装船时,因搬运疏忽大意而造成锡罐受损的。

  —— 我刚才讲过,整件事实在是很不幸。我们从未遇到过罐头在装船时 发生这样的损坏。

  W: I have to remind you that our terms are C.I.F. port of London. While we have full confidence in your Commodities Inspection Bureau, this is a case that occurred after their sampling and analy- sis at the factory. And the broken tins through careless handling and deterioration of the contents en route brought about this state of affairs. Now, Mr. Brown, you are well aware that our business has just started this branch of activities and the loses thus sustained will be a blow to this department. I am sure you will think it fair on our part when we suggest that the total value of the parcel should be reduced by 50% and that you should give us an allowance by way of credit for the amount to be set against our future purchases of canned fruits from you.

  B: To be fair to your company, I am directed by my Sydney branch to settle this issue with you amicably on the condition that you give us a certificate issued by your Health Department. Now that this is available, I think everything will be in order.

  W: I am so glad to hear of your ready agreement. Your fairness in business dealing is unsurpassed. Shall we send you a letter confirming this?

  B: As soon as you send us a letter confirming this conversation, we'll send you a reply immediately.

  W: Thanks ever so much for your cooperation, Mr. Brown. Goodbye.

  B: Goodbye.

  —— 我不得不提醒你,我们的条款是伦敦到岸价。虽然我们很信赖你们 的商品检验局,可是损坏是在工厂抽样化验之后发生的,是由于搬 运不慎而锡罐破裂,中途食品变质所造成的。布朗先生,你很清楚 我们才开始经营这项业务,蒙受的损失将对业务部门是一个打击。 我们建议这批货从总价中削减百分之五十,并给予我们补贴,这款 项就用于将来向你们订购罐头水果时冲销,我相信你认为这样对我 们才是公平的。

  —— 悉尼派我来和你们公平友好地解决这件事,前提条件就是把 你们卫生部签发的证书给我们。现在证书已经有了,我想事情都会 解决的。

  —— 听到你这么痛快地同意了,我很高兴。办理业务这么公平,真是无 法比啊。我们将寄信让你们确认好吗?

  —— 我们一旦收到你们的信确认此次谈话,就会立即回复。

  —— 万分感谢你的合作。布朗先生,再会。

  —— 再见。